Privacy by Design

Protecting your privacy is a fundamental component of iGiftFund’s service. With over 30 years of experience in donor-advised funds, we understand the many legitimate concerns of our donors. We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and security of our donors’ personal information.

Fund design: Prospective donors work confidentially and directly with the founders. We don’t engage call centers, so you can expect experienced and confidential service when you communicate with us.

Contributions: Donors sometimes want a higher degree of confidentiality when contributing assets. For example, an active member in a community may want greater privacy in his/her contributions than can be provided by a community foundation run by his/her peers.

Investments: Donors may want privacy regarding the investments in their fund. (See the section on private foundations below.)

Grant-making privacy: Donors work directly with a senior grant administrator at iGiftFund. Although most donors opt for full recognition in their grant-making, you may prefer a greater degree of privacy. Such considerations may include:

  • Donors may be concerned about being inundated with unsolicited grant requests.
  • Donors may want to avoid future grant-making pressures or “hurt feelings”.
  • Donors may not want to be “lobbied” for projects.
  • Donors may want to protect a child from unwanted special treatment.

Privacy/recognition options include:

  • Donors can opt for full recognition on their fund, partial recognition (fund name only), or full anonymity.
  • Donors can also choose to make anonymous, individual grants.
  • Donors can choose to maintain a consistent level of privacy or change it on a case-by-case basis.

FYI: There is nothing private about a private foundation

Private foundations are anything but private! Thanks to the internet, anyone with a computer can access information about any private foundation through services like Guidestar (

Since all the information is pulled from a foundation’s 990-PF (sometimes, a scanned copy of the original 990-PF is available), anyone can see the asset balance, directors, contact information, administrative fees paid, and every grant that’s made (including the amount and recipient organization’s name).

By contrast, iGiftFund donor-advised funds are completely private.