The Power of an Endowment Plan

iGiftFund’s Endowment Program allows you to extend your philanthropy for years to come, or in your fund name in perpetuity. By establishing an endowment, you can support your favorite charitable organizations beyond your lifetime … virtually forever. Working with your financial advisor, you may specify a spending policy and an investment program that generates income, adjusted for inflation, which meets your annual spending targets.

Your donor-advised fund could be designed with endowment features that enable you to support your favorite charities or charitable interests, not just in your lifetime, but forever.

The power of an endowment is in its continuity.

Your Endowment Plan:

  • Becomes your permanent charitable legacy. It can endure for a period of years or forever.
  • The charity receives a predictable flow of cash support, but it isn’t burdened with the management and record-keeping requirements of managing an endowment.
  • Your fund will be invested by your trusted financial advisor to generate annual return that matches the annual grant-making requirements for your selected charity or charities.
  • We provide all necessary administrative, investment over-sight, grant-making and record-keeping services.
  • If the charity you select ceases to exist, loses its tax-exempt status or changes its mission, you can recommend changes while you are living. If that happens after you are gone, we can redirect support to charities whose purpose is as close as possible to your original intentions.

Endowment Plan for Scholarships

Your fund can become an endowed scholarship program that could support and transform the lives of students, honor a loved one, memorialize a gifted educator or mentor, or create a special incentive to inspire great effort. Your Scholarship Funds can support undergraduate and graduate education, professional development and other educational enrichment opportunities.

Our process is simple and cost effective:

  • You select the school or charitable administrator to administer your scholarship program.
  • That school or administrator will work with you to define the criteria for that will be used in reviewing and evaluating applications.
  • The school or administrator will advertise your scholarship program, screen applications and recommend qualified candidates.
  • You will recommend a grant to the school or the charitable administrator which, in turn will award the scholarships in you name to the winning applicants.

The iGiftFund Endowment Plan can give you the peace of mind to define your charitable legacy today and know that your charitable intentions will be carried out over future generations…. imagine the possibilities!

See Forms for Endowment Plan. For more information, contact us at 1-800-810-0366.