Working With Your Advisor

//Working With Your Advisor
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Working with Your Trusted Advisors

iGiftFund works on every custodial platform. In other words, we make it easier to do business in the way you’re most familiar with.

Your recommended advisor can help you open a donor-advised fund and facilitate your contributions into the respective investment account. iGiftFund then engages the recommended advisor to manage the investments in your donor-advised fund.

You’ll receive copies of investment account statements from us and your custodial platform, with full transparency.  You will also be able to access your iGiftFund account via DonorView.

Unlike most other programs, iGiftFund does not pool investments. Each account is separated and can be individually managed.

Your advisor can tailor the investments in your donor-advised fund via open investment architecture. Open investment architecture lets you customize investment portfolios and integrate charitable giving into your overall financial and estate plans.

At iGiftFund, a donor-advised fund can be established with a minimum contribution of $5,000.