A Platform ..not a product

iGiftFund is a truly independent platform:

  • We do not provide financial advice, sell financial products, or offer custody services.
  • We accrue absolutely no benefit from brokerage services or product sales.
  • We do not collect any commissions or finder fees.

Rest assured that your best interests will always be our top priority.
With more than 30 years of experience in donor-advised funds, we strive to help families achieve their goals and manage new challenges by acting as a trusted philanthropic partner, delivering objective advice and flexible solutions. At iGiftFund, we help donors achieve their unique goals, whatever those may be:

  • Simplify and customize your charitable affairs.
  • Grow your philanthropic assets.
  • Provide support for your favorite charities today as well as in the future.
  • Maintain your privacy and confidentiality.
  • Plan for a family succession and inspire the next generation(s) in the joys of philanthropy.
  • Understand your options to make better decisions.

What Does “True Independence” Mean, and Why Should It Matter?

Customized Guidance and Objective Advice

“Independent” is more than just a word in our name. Our independence offers a conflict-free platform with no hidden or unspoken agenda (investment, programmatic, geographic, religious, investment management, custodial, nor succession) for your charitable giving. This enables us to focus on what we do best: delivering a highly personalized service and professional, objective advice.

Investment Flexibility

Open investment architecture on any custodial platform is particularly unique in our industry. We work with you and your trusted advisors to streamline communication and reduce complexity. You can even recommend a trusted investment advisor to manage the investments in your fund.

In short, we become “joint stewards” in helping you develop and carry out your charitable legacy, both now and in the future.

Transparent and Accessible

Transparency and accessibility are key facets of effective communication. We don’t operate a call center; instead, you’ll work directly with our founders. This offers more privacy and familiarity with your planning.

We can use your existing custodian to hold and safeguard your fund’s assets. This provides you with a greater degree of transparency regarding the assets in your fund.

Our employees work for us. The administration is not outsourced to a commercial provider, which means that you can come to know and trust us over time.

Widespread Expertise

Our experience in dealing creatively with complex donor situations is arguably the longest in the industry. We strive to help families achieve their goals and manage new challenges by acting as a trusted philanthropic partner, delivering objective advice and flexible solutions in a collaborative manner. It’s our goal to empower our donors by providing the information they need to make decisions with confidence.

At iGiftFund, we pride ourselves on always acting in the donor’s best interests and prioritizing the pursuit of their financial and philanthropic goals. We approach every client relationship as a steward, pledging to provide full and fair disclosure of all material facts, and eliminate any and all conflicts of interest.