Getting started in establishing your donor-advised fund is easy:

  1. Download the Program Description and Guidelines booklet.
  2. Complete the simple application online and save it to your computer.
  3. Sign it and send it back to iGiftFund. Options for sending forms:
    Fax: 330-362-9925
    Independent Charitable Gift Fund,
    110 W Streetsboro St, Ste 2A
    Hudson, Ohio 44236

Please retain a copy of all original documents for your records.

Instructions for transferring assets:

  1. You can contribute assets to your fund via check, along with the application, or we can work with your advisor to transfer assets. The minimum initial contribution is $25,000.
  2. When we receive your completed application, we will contact you or your professional advisor to arrange the transfer of the assets that you intend to give, and arrange your fund’s investment program.
  3. When we accept your contribution, we’ll send a Gift Acceptance Letter for tax purposes, and secure online access to your DonorView portal.
  4. You retain the right to advise iGiftFund in administering the affairs of your fund. Your role is that of an advisor—hence the name “donor-advised fund.” Please note that:
  • Contributions received and accepted by iGiftFund are irrevocable.
  • All recommendations from you are advisory. IRS regulations common to all donor-advised funds require that the sponsoring charity must have the final say on all recommendations.
  • Each donor-advised fund must be operated for charitable purposes only.
  • Once your fund is opened and funded, you can submit grant recommendations to US-based, tax-exempt, public charities, qualified governmental organizations or approved international charities through our arrangements with international partners. iGiftFund will contact you immediately regarding any grant recommendation that does not comply with tax regulations.

The iGiftFund incurs expenses in operating your donor-advised fund. These include donor services, telephone support, mailed notices, statements and communications, tax reporting, compliance, grants administration, and online services. To cover the costs associated with these services, iGiftFund assesses an account administrative fee. These fees are applied directly to your fund.

For more information, please see Fees and Minimums.

For other important documents that you’ll need, please visit our Forms section.

If you have any questions, we’re here to assist you or your financial advisor in tailoring a charitable giving plan that fits your needs, goals, and philanthropic interests. Please don’t hesitate to call us.