Give Tax-Wise

Consider giving long-term appreciated securities and other non-publicly traded assets. Donors are able to give up to 20% more because capital gains taxes are eliminated. You can take a fair market value deduction on assets that are held for more than a year, and give more to your favorite charities.

Unlike many smaller charities, the iGiftFund can accept a wide range of asset types. You can maximize your tax deduction right away by giving appreciated assets, and decide later what charities or causes you want to support.

  • No capital gains taxes on long-term appreciated securities like appreciated stocks, real estate, etc.
  • Contribute once and support many. No more year-end pressures of liquidating a concentrated holding to support many charities.
  • Get one tax receipt and support your favorite charities when its convenient.
  • All contributions are in one place.
  • Confirmation for each iGiftFund contribution is provided for tax purposes. (No more looking for lost tax receipts!)

Grow Tax-Free

While you’re deciding what charities you want to support, the investments in your iGiftFund can grow tax-free for giving larger grants or supporting more causes in the future.

  • Grow your contributions; recommend a tailored investment approach to grow your charitable assets.
  • Track your charitable investments and giving history online.