Granting with iGiftFund is designed to be easy and effective. Once your donor-advised fund is established, you are ready to begin supporting your favorite charities. You may recommend grants of $100 or more to any IRS-recognized public charity.

We process grant requests daily. Please keep in mind, however, that if your fund is fully invested, it may take a few days to arrange for liquidity.

Instructions for granting are generally as follows:

1.  Submit your grant online (preferred):

Simply log in to your DonorView account and submit. (You can recommend a new grant recipient or choose a charity you’ve previously granted to, which streamlines the process and saves you time.)


2. Complete the process manually by obtaining a Grant Recommendation Form from the forms section of our website. Return completed form to us via e-mail, fax, or mail:

Fax: 330-362-9925
Mailing Address:

Independent Charitable Gift Fund
5 E Main St
Hudson, Ohio 44236

Grant Process:

Confirm Grant Eligibility

iGiftFund reviews each grant recommendation to ensure that the grantee organization is classified as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. If there’s a problem with a recommendation, we will contact you immediately.

Assistance in researching charities:

Usually, we can find all the information we need on the charities that you select. However, you may wish to research various charities by visiting GuideStar.

If a charity’s not in the GuideStar database, you can still recommend a grant if the organization is an IRS-recognized public charity. (E.g., many churches and schools aren’t listed on GuideStar, but qualify.) Simply enter the charity’s information in your grant recommendation and iGiftFund will research the charity’s eligibility.

To expedite the process, please provide us with the contact information for the charity of your choice, including the address, contact person, website, phone number, and EIN number, if known.

Special Considerations

Per IRS regulations, we cannot approve recommendations for grants:

  • To individuals
  • To private foundations
  • That satisfy a pre-existing charitable pledge. (Call us for options)
  • For any private benefit (e.g. school tuition sent to individuals, dues or membership fees, benefit tickets, the donor’s time or services, or goods bought at charitable auction)
  • For political contributions or support for campaign activities

Standard Grant Processing

Once eligibility is confirmed, we’ll work with your financial advisor to arrange liquidity from which to distribute the grant. We’ll then prepare a grant check and send it to the charitable organization.

As a standard, the transmittal letter accompanying the check to the charitable organization will be prepared on your fund’s letterhead. The standard letter requests that any acknowledgement be sent to the address on record for your fund. You’ll be copied via email on the letter that accompanies the check.

We process grants on an ongoing basis, and can distribute checks within a few days of receipt of your grant recommendation. Expedited grants are available upon request.

Custom Grant Processing

You can choose to customize all of your grants or only specific grants.

Custom recognition: You may customize your grants with a revised letterhead, featuring the name of your fund or the donor’s name. You can customize who the recognition should go to, or you may choose to disclose no name at all.

Custom anonymity: You may wish to support a charity without disclosing your identity or your fund name to that organization.

Grant Guidelines
Donor-advised fund accounts can facilitate almost all of your charitable grants; however, there are some restrictions. To learn more, please see our Grant Guidelines.