A Personal Expression of Your Giving

When it comes to donor-advised fund programs, there are a number of choices available. Unfortunately, though there are many options and their solutions may sound similar, very few are actually designed with you in mind.

The iGiftFund platform is designed to address the unique needs of donors, families, and their trusted advisors, who seek the flexibility that comes with only true independence.

So just because we play a role in administration, this doesn’t mean that you should be forced to advertise the commercial brand to everyone in your giving. Your fund can be a personal expression of you and your evolving needs.

Choose how to name your fund:

  • Family name: Donors can name their fund for a family or an individual. For example, a fund name could be “The Jones Family Fund” or “The Jones Family Foundation.”
  • Individual name: e.g., The Beatrice Arthur Fund
  • Memorial fund: e.g., The Rita Wallace Memorial Fund
  • For a cause: e.g., The Foundation for the Arts
  • For a community: e.g., The Denver Historical Preservation Fund
  • Anonymous: Donors can choose to be fully anonymous, in which case the grant will go out in the name of the Independent Charitable Gift Fund.

Letterhead and checks: You can make your contact information available to the charities that receive grants from your fund. In this case, grant letters and grant checks will be sent out on personalized letterheads. Upon request, grant checks can be expedited or personally mailed for hand delivery.

Investments:  See Open Investment Architecture

Engaging your trusted advisor: Donors can recommend their trusted financial advisor to manage the investments in their fund.

Succession: Donors can recommend successor advisors and involve them in their grant-making. Funds can continue in perpetuity.

Grant-making: For families that are geographically dispersed, iGiftFund enables national and even international grant-making.

Communication: Donors work directly with the founders, who have over 30 years’ experience.

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