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Tips for Choosing the Right Charity

If you’re like many people who establish a donor-advised fund for philanthropic giving, you probably already have a passion for certain causes. Often, individuals and families set up donor-advised funds out of a strong desire to share their blessings and make positive change in the world. Many donors have given to charities on an individual [...]

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How to Change the World – Finding Philanthropic Focus

Some people already have a fairly good idea as to where they’d like to direct their philanthropic giving. But given the wide array of social, scientific research, and environmental needs, many others find it difficult to decide on a specific area of grantmaking from their donor-advised fund. Should you make grants to organizations that support researching [...]

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The New Authors of Philanthropic Legacy: Women

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, as women began to venture into the workforce and become more independent, TV became rife with commercials themed around this newly empowered female persona. It didn't matter what the commercials were selling, the message was clear: women can make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. [...]

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Volunteering (giving time and talent) is a transformational experience

Americans are known around the world for their generosity.  Giving is part of our very nature.  Unique among nations, this reputation for caring predates the Declaration of Independence. Americans give generously of their treasure.  In 2016, Americans gave nearly $400 billion to charity.  In perspective, that is $100 billion more than Americans spent on prescription [...]

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Meaningful Philanthropy for Millennials

If your parents or grandparents have been involved in philanthropic giving for many years, they probably hope you and any siblings will continue to honor this family legacy once they’re gone. How will you do that while also adding your own new story to the legacy of the past? Start by answering why they began [...]

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Beyond Date Night – How Giving Can Bring Couples Closer Together

In today’s hyper-busy culture, many couples end up living almost separate lives during their first one or two decades together. This doesn’t mean they don’t have a close relationship, or that they never do anything together. But, between career demands, shuttling kids to activities, managing the home and all that goes with it, couples need [...]

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Charitable Giving – Looking Beyond Cash

Americans have a deep desire to become involved with and have an impact on various societal issues and alleviate suffering where there’s great need.  If you’re involved in regular charitable giving, you know how satisfying it is to know that you’re truly making a difference. Giving cash, often referred to as “checkbook charity” is the [...]

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Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) – for Donors

While most taxpayers will benefit from reduced tax rates and expanded tax brackets under the new tax laws, many will elect not to itemize this year. Rather, they will opt to claim the higher standard deduction and that may include you. With that in mind, here are creative charitable-giving solutions that allow you to take [...]

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Donor Advised Fund Sponsorship vs. Stewardship: Two Very Different Things

As you may already know, a donor advised fund is a charitable giving vehicle sponsored by a public charity. When you establish a donor advised fund with us, we become the public charity that sponsors your fund.  You recommend the grants and we make them on your behalf to the charities you choose to support. [...]

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Legacy is More Than Passing Wealth between Generations

Wealthy families lose their money every day. Statistics show that 70% of the family fortunes created in America are gone in two generations and 90% within three. One of the factors contributing to this dismal record is a misunderstanding of what comprises a legacy. Legacy is more than the sum total of the material assets one [...]

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