Fees – iGiftFund’s Administrative Fees are significantly less than other sponsors in the industry. Donors can experience savings from 25% to 50% or more, depending on the fee schedule of the existing sponsor. See our fee schedule here.

Donor Experience – iGiftFund provides personal service, customized to the individual needs of its Donors, at a level of personalization not found in the industry.

DAF Experience iGiftFund has the longest experience in the industry.

Access – Donors and their financial advisors can contact our principals directly. iGiftFund does not operate a call center.

Independence – With no pools or products to sell, iGiftFund can be totally independent and focus entirely on the philanthropic interests of its donors. It also enables us to offer a uniquely personalized experience that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Fund Size – iGiftFund has no minimum fund size to qualify for a separately managed account. A financial advisor can manage a fund’s assets at all levels, in open architecture.

Fund Options – In addition to Donor Advised Funds, iGiftFund offers a variety of donor fund options that can be tailored to donor’s needs:

► Designated Funds                                 ► Charitable Endowment Funds

► Field-of-Interest Funds                         ► Scholarship Funds

These funds are eligible to receive tax-free qualified charitable distributions that count towards the donor’s RMD. The donor’s FA can manage investments in these funds.

Systems – iGiftFund partners with nationally recognized Stellar Technology Solutions, LLC, the most advanced donor system in the industry. Some sponsors are using technology that was installed decades ago.

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