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MinimumsDonor-Advised Fund
Account minimum$5,000
Additional contribution minimum$1,000
Grant minimum$100

Administrative Fees

Our program offers the most competitive administrative fees in the industry. We assess fees quarterly based on the account’s value at the beginning of the quarter ($150 per quarter minimum). These fees cover the expense of operating a donor advised fund, such as online donor services, phone support, grant due diligence, administration, tax filings and annual account summaries.

First $500,000 ($0 – $.5M)45.00 bps
Next $500,000 ($.5M – $1M)22.50 bps
Next $1,500,000 ($1M – $2.5M)15.00 bps
Next $2,500,000 ($2.5M – $5M)11.25 bps
Next $10,000,000 ($5M – $15M)9.375 bps
Over $15,000,000 ($15M and up)7.50 bps
Minumum Fee:$150.00 per quarter

Investment Management Fees

Accounts can include a variety of investments whose fee structures and operating expenses will vary.