Help Your Client With Year-End Planning

//Help Your Client With Year-End Planning
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Qualified Charitable Distributions You Can Manage

Download this article if…

  • Your senior clients are concerned about taking RMDs on their IRAs
  • You want to help your clients avoid taxes on their RMDs
  • You want your clients to take full advantage of the standard deduction and still avoid taxes on the RMDs
  • You want to manage the RMDs that your clients distribute to charity

The Financial Advisor’s Guide to DAFs

Download this article if…

  • You’re concered about losing AUM when your client dies
  • You would like to convert illiquid assets to managed assets
  • You want to be able to manage your client’s charitable assets on your platform in open architecture regardless of asset fund size
  • You want to deepen your relationship with your clients and earn the loyalty of the next generation

We offer creative solutions, like Donor Advised Funds that YOU manage on your OWN platform.

Discover the Difference with iGiftFund

Exclusive Offer

The One Page Legacy Plan

This simple document captures and displays, on a single page, the essence of a successful family-wealth transfer plan. 

It puts your client at ease, knowing his or her wealth will be transferred according to the goals and objectives of the family’s mission and passions.

It’s simple. It’s effective for guiding clients through wealth transfers. And it’s yours – with our compliments.