Creating a Legacy within a Legacy

We’ve all heard the expression Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations—one generation accumulates the money and the next two spend it down to zero or thereabouts. Shirtsleeves-to-shirtsleeves seems to put the blame for dissipating the family wealth on the backs of the children and grandchildren. But is that the only place it belongs? If the [...]

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When Donors Speak, DAFs Listen

Read about Donor Advised Funds in this Crain's article by Jeremy Nobile Whether it's for the tax benefits, low hurdles for participation, overall flexibility or a number of other factors, donor-advised funds (DAFs) are seeing capital flowing in and out of them reach record levels. And even though new tax codes in 2018 have cast [...]

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Legacy is More Than Passing Wealth between Generations

Wealthy families lose their money every day. Statistics show that 70% of the family fortunes created in America are gone in two generations and 90% within three. One of the factors contributing to this dismal record is a misunderstanding of what comprises a legacy. Legacy is more than the sum total of the material assets one [...]

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