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What Will Your Legacy Be

We all leave a legacy that has nothing to do with the assets that comprise our estate. We can have absolutely nothing, no material possessions at the end of our life, and still we have a legacy. That legacy is our story and our values. Those are what we pass on to our children and grandchildren. [...]

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Creating a Legacy within a Legacy

We’ve all heard the expression Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations—one generation accumulates the money and the next two spend it down to zero or thereabouts. Shirtsleeves-to-shirtsleeves seems to put the blame for dissipating the family wealth on the backs of the children and grandchildren. But is that the only place it belongs? If the first [...]

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My Mother’s Legacy

Hazel Van Dyke Patterson One October day 34 years ago my mother was a vibrant 71-year-old who loved to bowl and visit friends. The next she was gone. Only it didn’t seem like it. In many ways she was still with me, and from time to time I would find myself talking to her. [...]

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